Central Park
Siem Reap

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R*n Reports


R*n No. 8: The Red Dress R*n

21st of August 2010


After 7 runs in Siem Reap, both runners and the general population had gotten used to the sight of a lot of fools trotting through the country side. It was therefore time to up the ante and hold our first Red Dress Run. There wasn't much setting of a run to be done as this was more of a pub crawl than anything else. However, we at least wanted to check the drinking premises; this would also be the last time for Margaux as she was leaving the next day, much to the chagrin of Kleenex (seems Kleenex is getting on well with the new trainees, Ed.).

Margaux and Kleenex

We did not really expect to see a lot of people on this r*n; the idea of donning red attire, and dresses at that, seemed just a little too outlandish for most of the regulars. Therefore, I was positively surprised when about 70 people rocked up, including quite a few foreign spies Hashers that had made it from our sister Hash in Phnom Penh. Even more surprising considering that the Mismanagement had decided to no longer dish out beers before the Hash; too many people abused the generosity and ended up completely fcuked before the Hash even started.

Yap Yap putting finishing touches on INHSWTW

For a pub crawl, the first loop was actually pretty long, hot and fast (as fast as can be run in a dress anyway). I only witnessed about three accidents involving bike riders passing by, seeing us, staring at us and ending up in another bike/tree/red-dressed Hasher. Luckily, no permanent damage was done, least of all to Hashers egos or self-esteem as these two virtues are probably the first that go overboard once one becomes a Hasher.

The first beer halt was more than welcome.

The second loop was even longer than the 1st one, plenty of opportunities for the good citizens of this town to break out their mobile phones and taking photos. I should think our appearance was considerably better than the shite they usually show on TV

A lovely couple.

The Hares took pity (and were probably tired and/or pissed by this time) and the next 2 beer halts were only about 3.5 meters apart. As usual, the note taking by yours truly left a lot to be desired by now, just enjoy the pictures.

Pissed Hasher, Blah Blah, and Yap Yap

INHSWTW getting the attention he deserves.


Not sure what that picture is about.

On On, and see you at the next Hash.