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African Paradise Flycatcher

They were pretty much everywhere.

African Rock Bunting

Al Mughsayl, great spot for sea watching

Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat

Arabian Partridge

East Khawr, just a few minutes from our hotel

Black-crowned Finch Lark

Black-crowned Tchagra

Not a good photo, but the best I could get of this skulker


The Blowhole at Al Mughsayl


Breakfast at Al Mughsayl

Bruce's Green Pigeon

One of the highlights of our trip

Camels everywhere.

I like Camels, but on Oman's roads they were a nuisance

Camels hanging a left?

Chameleons were very common

The second largest Chandelier in the world

At Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat

A door to nowhere

European Roller

The whole Family

Florian, myself, Ralf, Eva, Juliane, Ha, and Teresita. 5 Nationalities!

Greater Flamingoes

Fishing for lobster.

The seas were amazingly full of fish and seafood

My brother Florian

The person, not the Camel

Recent rains meant pleanty of flowers in the desert

Frankincense Tree

Graceful Prinia

A Chameleon facing off with a Tristram's Grackle

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Unlike in Vietnam the shores were full of birds

Ha in a Coffe Tent

She was always there, getting stuffed on Dates


Dress code is pretty strict at the Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Ha was happy: no risk of leeches when nature called

Ha in the desert

And Ha sea-watching

Hoopoe Lark

Imperial Eagle

My mother also had to cover up, of course

Juliane and Florian

Laughing Dove

They were everywhere

Many of the wonderful old buildings are just left to crumle

Oriental Honey-buzzard

This bird hung around our hotel for a few days

Ralf and friend

Ralf at sunset

My parents

Ring-necked Parakeet

This introduced bird is very common

Oman is paradise for rock watchers

Rueppel's Weaver

Shining Sunbird

Sooty Gull

By far the commonest gull, there were hundreds whenever people pulled in their nets


Steppe Eagles

The smell was horrible, but the rubbish tip was good for birds

The family having an (illegal) sun-downer

Sunsets were spectacular

Ha took one of my favorite photos

Teresita and Eva

This toilet just sat there in the middle of nowhere

Tristram's Grackle taking a bath in the hotel fountain

White Storks were everywhere on the farms

At least a hundred following a tractor

White-throated Munia

Yellow-vented Bulbul