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Hash Vocabulary


Alcohol Abuse: The heinous crime of spilling beer, piss, nectar. There is absolutely no excuse and a down-down is inevitable.

Are you (R you):

Question called to FRB's by Hashers who are too lazy to check it out for themselves. FRB's usually can't be arsed to reply.    

Beer Halt:

One or more stops during a run to pray to the Gods of Hops, Malt, and Water. Actual number of halts, and distance to them, usually depend on how thirsty the Hares were when setting the run.

Beermeister: Typically the biggest alcoholic of them all. Ensures that there is plenty of the Nectar of the Gods (and a little water), as well as mugs, snacks, ice.


You are wrong. Boy, are you ever so wrong. Turn around and get back to where you last saw flour (chalk, shreddie).                       

Check: A circle near or on an intersection. From here, the trail can continue in any direction straight, left, right, up, down; you get the picture (obviously not back).

Check it out:

A shout of encouragement at Checks by the Hares to tell the lazy pack to stop scratching their b*lls and find trail.      


Nothing to do with the Check but a get-together at the end of the run where copious amounts of beer shall be consumed and punishments are handed out by the GM to violators for real or imagined offenses.

Count: Something most Hashers are not capable of doing. Reminder: 1 Hashmark = On One, 2nd Hashmark = On Two, 3rd Hashmark = On-On.


The glass of beer offenders will receive in above circle. Drink it (AFTER being told to do so) or wear it) on top of your head.      

False Trail:

Especially for the FRB's; long trails that end in a Check-back or just run out of flour. Meant to curb their enthusiasm somewhat.

Flour: Used to set trails in the countryside. Take 3 times the amount you think you will need. Not so good in town as the good folks will either sweep it up or call the police. If you don't know what flour is, ask Chef.

FRB (Front-cutting Bastard):

Hashers that try and show off in front of the pack. Earn much laughter if they set off on a False Trail.

Grand Master (GM):

Mostly harmless. Give him a few beers and ignore the bitching. Dishes out Down-downs.


The Hasher bullied, cajoled, blackmailed into setting a Hash Run. More often than not ends up on ice for incompetence.


Alternatively a "Running Club with a Drinking Problem" or a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem". Your call.

Hash cash: Drives up in a brand-new Lexus (without being a policeman in real life) and handles the Hash's finances.


A very, very, VERY special award given to a deserving Hasher. To be worn with pride and until the award is bestowed upon someone else.


Marks used to indicate which path to follow. Can be flour (not so good when it snows), chalk, shreddie.


A name given to a Hasher by the Circle. Once a Hasher has a Hashname, he/she shall only be addressed by this name during Hashes. Failure to do so will result in a Down-Down. Whilst Hashnames do not have to be vulgar, sexually explicit, humiliating, or insulting, it certainly helps.

Hare Raiser:

A mixture of prison guard/bully/capo organizing Hares for future runs.

Ice (noun):

A) Hard, white, cold substance used in South-East Asia in particular to quickly get the Beer to the desired temperature. B) Chair for violators.

Ice (verb):

To place someone on the above.


Hashers way off trail, searching for a Hashmark.

Nectar of the Gods: The just reward for running around with a bunch of other half-minds. Also known as beer, suds, cold one, cerveza, keg guts, piss, oat soda, barley pop, liquid bread, elbow bender, redneck soda, not water.


The reason why most Hashers stupidly run through sweltering heat/tropical downpours/minefields: to get stuck into beer, sing a few songs, get stuck into beer, eat, get stuck into beer, flirt with the waitress/waiter, get stuck into beer, and generally behave like a right d*ck. Oh, and also the call when the 3rd Hashmark is located and thus the right trail.


End of the Hash, almost at the beer!!!


There are no rules on a Hash, but see here: Hash Rules.


A bunch of fools trying to follow the trail set by the Hares. Here for the beer but will pretend that they are actually engaging in a sporting activity.

Religious Advisor: In charge of sinners, song, and weather. Hands out abuse and down-downs.

SCB (Short-cutting Bastard):

Hashers in a hurry to get to the beer. Will disregard any Hashmarks and cut through houses, gardens, across fields to be the first at the beer cooler. Short-cutting is allowed as long as the SCB does not get caught.


A nasty mix of water, buffalo sh*t, refuse, mud, beer, vegetation that Hashers love to run through.

Shreddie: Paper strips cut to size by a hundred toothless virgins. Or something like that.
Violators: Anyone that runs afoul of Hash Rules. As there are no rules on the Hash, this refers to anyone who has committed offenses made up on the spur of the moment by the GM or RA.


A first-time Hasher. Nothing to do with whether the Hasher is aware of "the birds and the bees".

Water: Used for washing feet and a main ingredient of the Nectar of the Gods. Apart from that of no interest to a real Hasher.