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Hash Marks

A non-exhaustive list of markings used at the Angkor Wat Hash. To avoid making a complete fool out of yourself (well, I guess it can't get worse then being a Hasher) try and remember them:


A blob of flour is an indication that you are on trail BUT only if you have found three consecutive blobs. Do not shout "On-On" at the first blob to avoid a) looking like a Poofter (see Rules 2, 7, 11, 14, 16, 19, 21) b) get a down-down.
Same-same like above, but with chalk in runs where flour is not practical: during Typhoons, placing marks on cows/children/policemen, near American Hazmat teams.
A circle, more or less round. Placed at or near intersections the pack is expected to check it out and find trail. In reality one or two people will be checking whilst the majority hang around, shouting "Are you?".
Oooops. You thought you were on trail, ran 2 Kilometers and come across a cross. Bummer, it means back to the last circle and serves you right for being a Front-Running-Bastard.
Hash Halt. An opportunity to catch one's breath and wait for walkers, the infirm, and the lost
You run and run and run and see this: nothing. Why? Because you are lost, that's why. If the Hares haven't screwed it up (and that is a big "if"), you should never be more than 30 meters from some sort of a mark.
The Boob Check is just like a circle except only members of the fairer sex (and successfully operated lady-boys) are allowed to check it out. And guys ambiguous about their sexuality, I guess.
An arrow in any direction means that you are on trail and should follow the direction of the arrow. Disregarded at your own peril as it might steer you away from dangers such as mine fields and Karaoke Bars.
Beer Halt, a chance to guzzle a few cold ones. Intended to last just a few minutes but often longer than the actual Hash.
You've done it. You crawled/ran/walked and now the end is near. Time to sit on ice, drink (more) cold ones, get abused by the Grand Master, and have a few beers.