Central Park
Siem Reap

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Angkor Hash House Harriers




Back On Trails since 19/12/2009


After a lengthy absence, the Hash is back in Siem Reap. We had our first run in the city itself and the turn-out was pretty good, with 40+ Hashers, most of them virgins. We currently run with packs 100+ strong.

For starters we will try to run on a monthly basis; if I can find enough idiots hares to help me organize and set runs, we might run more frequently.

We usually meet at the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa at 15:00. Run fees are USD 5.00 for both Khmer and foreigners and include transportation, drinks, as well as dinner after the run. Can't have a cheaper afternoon than that.

Contact the Grand Master at hannostamm(at)hotmail(dot)com for future runs or abuse.

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