Central Park
Siem Reap

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Angkor Hash House Harriers

Explaining the rules

They are probably wondering what the hell we are doing


Will he fall?

Creative Kids altered our Hash marks

With a little help....




On On

Singapore Sling


A mad rush for the Nectar of the Gods

Curing the hangover before she actually has it

Escaping the heat

The Burmese contingent

Shakin' it

Round and round and round

Frogs in their element


Don't get your Jeans wet

Helpful hand


Stumper Jumper

All the elegance of a baby Hippo.

The music.

Beat, the second half was murder.

Stumper Jumper showing the Khmer how it is done.

A little crowded in the bus


Pissmeister giving the pep talk

Singapore Sling and Stumper Jumper


Why are they walking backwards? Confused puppies.

Group picture

Not sure what's with the Lollipops

No sun please

Our nurse


Always posing

More Hashers

More walkers

Cambodia is very beautiful

Yellow Man getting named

As is Kleenex

Is the sign "V" for victory or just "eff off"?

And more "V"'s

Obviously having a good time

Dinner was pretty decent

Lots and lots of beer

Circling up for R*n No. 7

The Kids had fun.

INHSWTW taking a nose-dive.

They were smarter and did not try to jump it.

A bit wobbly.

Miss Hash #7.

After a wet run.

Yellow Man and friends.

Wondering what the heck they are doing here.

One Star Restaurant

Children next.

I am not sure if he is enjoying some solitude or having a dump.

Wat Atwea.

The GM, Sophea.

New Hare Margaux.

Lost ducklings.