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:: Things I do:

Getting married

Work at the Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa


Go bird watching with my wife

Drink Beer

And more bird watching


Who is Hanno then?


If it was up to me, I'd spend every day birding, traveling, and having a beer or two. But, like most of us mere mortals,  I have to work to make a living. More specifically, I am the General Manager of a nice, upscale, 4-star resort in Phan Thiet Viet Nam, a position I have held since May 2007.

I got infected by the birding bug when I spent a few years as a wee lad in Kenya. Birding there is, of course, phenomenal and I have never looked back since.

The decision to go into the hotel business was less influenced by the fact that my parents worked in it, but more in the hope of getting a job that would enable me to get paid to travel to different countries. Overall, I never regretted the choice.

I have been knocking around Vietnam for a few years now, and no intention of leaving anytime soon; which might have something to do with the fact that my better half Ha is Vietnamese.

As I am pretty scared of flying, virtually all my holidays are spent in Asia, but there is still a lot to discover out there for me; hopefully you will read about that on this site.

If you make it to Phan Thiet: I am easily persuaded to join in for a cold brew or two.


Tell me what you think about my web site, my photos, trip reports, or anything else that comes to mind. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

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