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Khao Yai and Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand

Sign in Khao Yai

That sign had us a little confused.

Black-headed Woodpeckers

Butterfly Lizard

Very hard to get a photo of this lizard.


Bueng Boraphet attracts more than just avian fish fanciers.

On inner tubes if need be...

Or from land.

Fishing couple

Ha asleep (again)

Ha was obviously hungry


Me, Mr. Pairoth, Jan, and Tu

Birding is hard

Actually, Jan and Tu came well equipped.

Horned Cicada

Jan and Tu

Kid in HKK

This kid started crying as soon as it saw Jan.

Wannabe Japanese

There is a Manga craze sweeping Bangkok.

Ha as a Khmer

This has to be one of my favorite photos of her.

Little Cormorant

Lotus flower

Moustached Barbet

On Bueng Boraphet

Lots of Openbills

Openbill with favorite prey


Apparently these grow only in Khao Yai.

Oriental Darter

Oriental Pied hornbill

Pheasant-tailed Jacanas

Pig-tailed Macaque

And a protrait of a Pig-tailed Macaque

Plain Flowerpecker

Purple Heron

Getting ready for trail

Khao Yai was heaving with leeches and leech socks were a must.

Spirit House

Spot-billed Pelican


Like most Asians, Thais are not too keen on sun.


A fresh tiger pug print

Tired Dog

Tired Tu


Unknown fruit

No idea what this one is called. Quite good, if very sweet.

Up there!