Central Park
Siem Reap

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Decoration inside the Taj Mahal

Himalayas on the way to Bhutan

The national sport with high-tech tools

A couple in Haa valley

Bhutanese national food

A group of children we met whilst bird watching

All out effort

The costumes were changed numerous times

Making it all very colorful

It went on for hours

The Gandhi Memorial in Delhi

Bhutan has very intricate houses

The ladies efforts were less strenous

The spectators were also pretty colorful

"Indian lawnmower"

Not always sure what the masks represented

Father and son resemble each other

Yet another mask

This must be some sort of bird

A prayer flag close up

Prayer flags appeared to be on almost every hill side

Prayer wheel at the entrance to a Dzong

Monks preparing for a festival

The relics are brought to the village

Putting on the national dress takes practice

Rhododendrons were common at higher elevations

Part of a roof in Bhutan

Small boy in Bhutan

Snake charmer in Delhi

Guess everybody knows what this is?

A town in Haa valley

Even the trucks were colorful


Many walls had decorations in Bhutan

Blowing their horns

A young monk